Posted on: August 8, 2010 9:13 pm

Matthew Stafford and the Sophomore Slump?

I hear it time and time again... second year quarterbacks are plagued by the sophomore slump. By this statement, despite the significant off-season acquisitions the Lions have made, they will struggle on offense because of Matthew Stafford. Bu how true is Sophomore Slump? Let's throw out a few numbers...

Joe Flaco
2008 PY-2971 TD-14 Int-12 Fumb-2
2009 PY-3613 TD-21 Int-12 Fumb-2

Matt Ryan
2008 PY-3440 TD-16 Int-11 Fumb-1
2009 PY-2916 TD-22 Int-14 Fumb-2

Remember also the Ravens and Falcons had significant 2009 improvements in their run game, which can help cushion the PY numbers.

Now I know what you are thinking. There is significant evidence that supports the Sphomore Slump.

JaMarcus Russell didn't play much his rookie season, played decent in 2008, and sucked it huge last year. Where did it get him? Waved by the Raiders (HA the raiders, that sucks), and a reputation of being a joe blow slack who had no heart.

Vince Young came out strong in 2007 then busted HUGE in 2008. He cracked under the pressure and even had a suicide watch called out by his own mother. THAT SUCKS! But he rebounded again last year to help the Titians turn around their possibly doomed season.

I say right now we're 50/50, but what makes the difference. Stafford is surrounded by talent, and not just your joe blow 3rd string "yeah he can help the team" talent. We're talking about playmakers. Calvin, Javid, Pettigrew, Nate B., Tony Scheffler, and if you ask me I think Kevin Smith is gonna rebound and show everyone he's ready to compete.

Is their a Sophomore Slump? Maybe, but with all the weapons Matthew Stafford has around him, his Sophomore Slump can turn out to be a pretty damn good season!

Posted on: May 20, 2009 9:07 pm

Welcome to..... THE BLOG!

Well it's finally here, the option of writing a blog. To start I thought I might write a little about myself, and what this means to me.

I'm a fulltime Firefighter in SW Ontario who is a DIE HARD Lions fan. I have had season tickets to the Lions for a few years now, and you can find me every Gameday Sunday at Easter Market. My second passion is the Leafs, and Jays. I am hoping to broaden this site a little by introducing more OHL Action and CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sports). Although my focus will be on the Lions, I will touch on a variety of sports and sport related issues.

Writing a blog actually means a lot to me. Although my opinions may not always be widely accepted my goal is to make people think outside the box. Take from this what you will, but I will not waste your time.

Send me a message at anytime with comments. And hey remember, It's just a game.... to some people, but to me it's a way of life!

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